We get questions all the time about the reason why we created a skincare line for men,  we decided to write this post to address that. There are some basic differences in male and female skin and this is in part related to the androgen testosterone.

On the average, male skin is about 20 per cent thicker than that of females as it contains more collagen and elastin, males also have more hair follicles and their associated sebaceous glands, resulting in oilier skin.  Additionally, regular shaving exfoliates the upper skin layers and can lead to irritation. This means that it is important that men use skincare products that are tailored to address these biological differences.

A few skincare steps that men tend to ignore….

Moisturizing might seem like an elementary part of daily routines for a woman, but many men overlook this part of skincare on the regular. The skin needs to be moisturized after bathing to replenish lost oils as well as to seal in hydration that is much needed for healthy skin.

Exfoliating is something a lot of men don’t think they should do, but it’s one step that can make a huge difference in your skin. It unclogs pores, reducing breakouts; clears away dead skin; helps your moisturizer absorb better; and when used before shaving, gives you a closer shave and prevents ingrown hairs.

Take a look at our product range designed and produced specifically for male skin, and let’s know what you think!

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